Blame Game

so here's how the story goes;

PIECES of me - exactly that..things that I own and all things Jayne.

EAR tears or EAR sans tears - tunes. these I enjoy, so you should too.
(sans = without..it's like french but completely butchered)

LOOK ma', no hands! - look where I've been lately.

DUDEacation - dedication, only cooler.

MOUTH dribble - something drool-worthy. generally a semi-dressed leggy creature.

BURN your eyes too! - please watch this.

PLUGS n' holes - keep an eye out for this/big up this person.

WAN wan wan - I want this and those. oh!, and that.

BABY I'm a freak? no, baby I'm a creep - street style photography, when you least expect it.

please refer back to your notes if you have any further questions from this point forward.


Anonymous said...

Who would of thought that Jaynes vocab could get any more complicated?
Go figure!

miss jayne said...

Just trying to keep you all on your toes!