BABY I'm a freak? no, baby I'm a creep

although this is a full blown CREEP photograph, this is actually a PIECE of me. hey now, this is my dweeb portal, I'm allowed to break all the rules. I made em'.
rules aside (I put the broken ones in the corner over there. ha!), I have a serious confession to make...I'm a girl. I know, I know, I thought otherwise for quite some time as well. true story. what I mean is that I don't often like typically girlie things, fashion careen aside. I do however, love when I see people carrying bouquets of flowers. I don't like flowers particularly and I strangely detest receiving the fragrant numbers, but I love seeing the anticipation of someone else receiving them. strange and complicated, I know. nice to meet you.

so TA DA! here we have one woman en route to present this bouquet one morning a few months back. plenty more complicated floral creepiness where that came from, just you wait.

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smoosh said...

you're my favourite creeper...