PIECES of me

PIECES of me and pieces of this guy! for you lovely loyal folk, you have already been introduced to totally enormous extinct dinosaur (or T.E.E.D. if you're mouth is full) on jayne&james (http://jayneandjames.blogspot.com/). 
for you not so loyal folk, this is totally enormous extinct dinosaur. what a peach. he makes sweet tunes that you can dance to, puts on an entertaining show and sports an obnoxiously gigantic indian headdress fit for THIS totally enormous obnoxious blonde. 

people must have agreed that said gigantic headdress is fit for me because I so kindly received one for my birthday a couple of months ago. thank you again, you're both too generous. anyway, in DUDEication to my man T.E.E.D., here we have another PIECE of me...

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