PIECES of me

PIECES of me, the double trouble edition

I have long since been a fan of the double ensemble - double denim, double print, full-on monochrome and I've come to appreciate how the cycle of fashion has now trickled it's way down to making all of you consumer folk share (or just accept) my love for the double.

last spring, Jonathan Saunders showed us just how to perfect the double print (double print = wearing two different prints at the same time even though your mother always said it was a "faux pas". your mama also told told you that you are a winter skin tone and never to go close to anything yellow as it will cause permanent damage. both statements are dated and ridiculous) and this runway season, we have already seen collections in NY that have put their own spin on print combining which makes it exciting to know that this trend has longevity.

for me, this colder weather that is rolling in excites in so moony ways. moony? you mean many miss jayne...nope, moo all over for this girl is the only thing on the menu for autumn/winter. leather trousers, boots, booties, tops, blazers, jackets, bags, oh my! my double (& sometimes triple) denim days have been retired for the season and I've brought in a whole new herd (ha! herd! cows! get it?) of pieces to live out my full in leather overload.

Please note that Jayne is in fact a vegetarian. I hope that the fact that she only wears cows, lambs, etc and chooses still not to consume them makes the statements above less blame-worthy.

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