PLUGS n holes

I'll classify this under "PLUGS n holes" simply because this is a highly creative young lady that we are blaming here and she deserves bigging up.

unbeknownst to her, young Francesca made my week with the (recopied by me because my request for the original failed. I write like a child anyway so it's basically the same thing.) letter above. it was written to her uncle and I was lucky enough to read it through some twisted grapevine of connections.
the point is that this letter is brilliant and I hope that by passing this onto all of you (millions of you!) devoted readers, that miss "horrible Francesca" brightens your day like it did my week. 

side note: dear Francesca, thank you. you're classic. 

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Uncle Big Nose said...

She typed it out, she's that clever... will send a picture