BURN your eyes too

burn your eyes is normally a video kinda thing but tis' the season to switch it up so this time BURN your eyes by reading the highlights from the surprisingly interesting interview between Nicki Minaj and Donatella Versace for interview magazine below.  

MINAJ: Obviously, you like music. Does it play any kind of role in your design process?
VERSACE: Absolutely. I’m like a little kid when it comes to music. I mean, the music is always blasting wherever I am that people always knock on my door and say, “It’s too loud!” But I think music gives so much inspiration. I only used to listen to rock ’n’ roll, but now I listen to all kinds of music—pop, hip-hop, everything. I also love classical music.
MINAJ: It’s interesting because yesterday I was in a car driving and a Biggie Smalls song came on the radio, and I remember that he used to shout-out Versace in a lot of his songs. Obviously, Biggie is no longer with us, but he was one of the reasons why the hip-hop world got so interested in Versace. Obviously, we couldn’t really afford Versace at that time, but what do you think about Biggie being so into Versace? I think he even wore Versace in a lot of his videos.
VERSACE: I think Biggie was amazing. He came to my shows in Paris many times, and we’d see each other often. He always used to talk so nicely about my family. I think he was so smart, so intelligent. He had such a mind. So I loved what he was doing and how he was giving people a way to know about Versace—I do think a lot of people started to know about Versace because of him.

I should have probably decided to don more (er any) Versace based on the brand and the actual collection but I am slowly converting now based on the fact that I now know that Donatella is a Biggie fan. 

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