yet another stylish moment in my life captured in photograph. nothing quite screams "fashionista" like flexing your pipes in a neon minnie mouse tank top. 
to be honest, shortly after this photo was taken was when I slipped into the tomboy faze (which lasted for a very long time) so this is one of about six photos that is worth sharing. from this point on, I cannot guarantee any flattering personal images but I suppose that will just give you all more reason to BLAME. 

if you want more MOUTH dribbles, more EARS (sans or with tears) and if you WAN wan wan me to CREEP people out even more, then keep clicking those wee little mice and I will gladly do so. 
if there is anything in particular that you'd like to see more of (keep it clean now peeps), then feel free to email me at blamemissjayne@gmail.com and your wish might just be my command! 

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