now that spring is approaching and our winter blues are beginning to fade, I think it's time for a BLAME GAME recap... 
all of those wonderful things that I swore I'd do all throughout 2012 have surprisingly stuck in a big bad way; made the big fat scary change, there's an aquarium in my guts full of water, I stand taller on the daily thanks to my footwear choices and I'm going to run even faster and longer for a good cause in a few months time. annoying aren't I? 

if I've made you feel guilty in any way because of the winter that I've had, I'll open up and tell you a few other things that have also happened this year in hopes that your guilt subsides... 
this year I have also grown the chunk of hair that I shaved off a year and a half ago and now look like a creepy man from some angles, I bought the wrong foundation and wore an orange face for two months, have convinced myself that now that I don't drink much alcohol, that it's healthy to drink my weight in coffee daily. shaking means optimum health, right?

there! good, bad, ugly and BLAME-worthy. 
whatever the heck you've got up to this year so far I hope that it's been great and if it hasn't, don't worry because spring is just around the corner and even if things are sour, everything will be in bloom and at least the sour bits will smell lovely. 

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