PIECES of me/EARS sans tears

I'm sure that I've mentioned this before but I am a compulsive list maker. Post-it notes, lists in my diary, reminders on my phone, list Apps, I've got it all happening. over a year ago, I made a list of people who I really wanted to see live. so far, I have seen quite a few of them which is rather surprising because, collectively listed, they are artists from all over the map and from all different genres. 
as a list lover, crossing things off these lists is the nerdiest kind of satisfaction I can get so when I saw Drake (whoop whoop something about Canada!) last week I was pleased to cross that big one off my long list of artists.
here's a taste of my fellow Torontonian..  

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Anonymous said...

NEED to see Damien Rice and The National.


Your-obsessed-with-the-OC-and-One- Tree-Hill-which-makes-me-seem-like-I-have-cooler-taste-in-music-than-I-actually-do-best-friend.