PLUGS n' holes

ph. all by Will Sanders

after browsing through Will Sanders' collection of photographs on his website, I got in touch with him to try to get to know the talented London based photographer a bit more. 
he's a pretty straight forward guy and I think that for someone who had to be convinced to pursue a career in what he already naturally already did very well, he has a mighty impressive portfolio. 

Miss Jayne -  How did you first get into photography?
Will Sanders - I didn't really start taking photos properly until I was 26 . I'd always loved taking photos but "proper", cameras always seemed so technical to me that I avoided them . Then when I met my wife after seeing photos that I'd shot on road  trips across America , she convinced me to do an evening course at our local college where I found out that cameras aren't actually very complicated and whilst still doing the same course I had a fashion story published in TANK magazine! ( she did work there at the time though!)

Miss Jayne - You've won quite a few awards and have had your work exhibited several times, were there any stand out moments that you remember feeling like you'd made it?

Will Sanders - I'm still waiting for that feeling! but I have had some great moments. Getting work published is always a great feeling and I'd love to do a book sometime.

Miss Jayne - What's the best part of your day?    

Will Sanders - The morning, especially in the summer when hardly anyone is up.

When I asked Will if he wanted me to PLUG any upcoming exhibitions or events that he had going on, he simply replied "not really". easy enough. 

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