MOUTH dribble

ph. via style.com

I've never been too keen on flag apparel. I think it's the humble north american in me remembering all those times that flag apparel was done so badly that the stars, stripes and maple leaf is burned into my mind as a terrible ensemble choice no matter what it is and what it even looks like. 
so many fleece vests. 

I have to say though, that with all this red white and blue circulating on high street and high end retail levels, I just might DRIBBLE a tad. when done right (see above), it not only works but looks damn good. 
keep your patriotic apparel light and easy and mix them up. confuse people. 
but please steer clear of any fleece vests. 

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Wardrobe Girls said...

Agree! it takes the right mix to make patriotic look fashion forward.


wardrobe girls